About Us​

Eight o’Eight is an exquisite restaurant and cocktail bar located in the vibrant eighth district of Vienna, Austria. The stylish yet casual atmosphere of the restaurant creates an inviting experience for all guests. Serving up a range of traditional Italian-style dishes as well as international cuisine, Eight o’Eight offers something for everyone.

We are located in the center of Vienna’s eighth district and urban area, Josefstadt, which is considered the heart of Vienna because of its geographical position. The busy area, known for its history and remarkable buildings, was perfect for us to find our home there. This is how Eight o’Eight became one of the most interesting dining places Vienna offers. And not only that! Our drink menu has established itself on the list of exciting cocktail places, and we are proud to be part of it.

The menu at Eight o’Eight showcases a range of exciting dishes, from classic Italian pasta to signature risottos, delicious antipasti platters, and other delicious mains. We are also known for our tasty appetizers and decadent desserts, perfect to enjoy in a complete meal here with us.

The star attraction at Eight o’Eight is undoubtedly our famous Parmesan cheese wheel! This eye-catching spectacle sees chefs preparing fresh pasta and risotto right before guests. At the same time, they use a giant wheel of parmesan cheese to add flavor and flair to each dish. Not only does this make for an entertaining dining experience, but it also ensures that every meal has that authentically Italian taste.

The restaurant’s bar menu is equally impressive. Featuring an extensive selection of alcoholic drinks, cocktails made with premium spirits, and a curated wine list full of world-class selections. This is ideal for those who wish to linger over drinks while enjoying some light nibbles in a relaxed atmosphere.

Eight o’Eight boasts a superb selection of cocktails crafted by experienced mixologists who create unique combinations using premium spirits and fresh ingredients. Featuring classic favorites such as Moscow Mule and Cuba Libre alongside more daring creations like Charlie Chaplin and South Side cocktails – there’s something to suit every palette! As if this wasn’t enough, the elegant décor adds the perfect finishing touch making Eight o’Eight one of the city’s top spots for foodies and partygoers.

International kitchen, unique cocktails, and an atmosphere to remember. Restaurant and cocktail bar Eight o’Eight stole the hearts of everyone who enjoyed our menu and fantastic ambiance.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to explore the world of taste.